25 February 2023

The Living Room: Gavin Clark documentary

Back at the end of the nineties, I liked a band called Sunhouse. Their first and only album was called 'Crazy on the Weekend'. I liked the album because it was about a set of experiences that were outside both of my own comfort zone and outside the usual radius of popular music. I had the CD and over the years would occasionally dig it out and remember how raw but strangely beautiful it was.

Last year, for some reason, I decided to see what had happened to Sunhouse. Sadly, I discovered that the songwriter, Gavin Clark, had died in 2015. I also discovered that Shane Meadows had made a documentary about Clark, who was a close friend of his. The documentary is about Clark rediscovering his confidence as a performer by playing solo, initially in his own front room.

I've watched the documentary several times now. I find it really moving. It is less than fifty minutes. If you happen on this page, have a look and see what you think.